Top 8 palaka styles


The prize to find. These original pieces are some of the rarest and oldest.

the classic shirt styleShirt

Most common piece of clothing found. Should be Dark Blue, but most newer colors are yellow, red and black.
Miura brand most common, came out of Linn’s in Waikiki in the early 1950’s. Most commonly worn by men although recently, as seen in photo, more women have adopted the style.
Nurse scrub
The beginning of the end.  A printed fabric instead of woven. Quite popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Still available but also rare.
palaka-angel1Christmas ornament
Like an ironic hallmark card this by Hawaiians for Hawaiians is only tacky if you dont’ understand that it’s use is sometimes meant to poke fun at the commercialization of Hawaiian culture. 

palaka-lei Lei

Common, but only by color. No actual palaka fabric used.
palaka-greeting-cardGreeting Card
Meant to “give aloha anywhere with this authentic Hawaiian shirt card!” A mainstream attempt at commercializing palaka these days is almost welcome as it emplies a younger generation understanding the history behind the card. And the fact that this is a mainstream company is further comfort that palaka is due for a comeback.
Inspired by the head of the palaka family, Goro Arakawa gave Eva Laird-Smith a gift in a palaka  handbag. She left with not only a birthday present but a new business plan. Now years later, Smith has a series of other Hawaiian themed bags and every one of them has palaka lining if not on the outside.

Local based hip-hop collective KicksHI brands its newest baseball cap in black palaka. 

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